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Art Camp


Chess Camp

Come to music camp to start an instrument and learn to read music, or to improve skills you already have. We offer band, orchestra, piano, voice,  and guitar for all skill levels. We have excellent teachers that will help you learn and grow in amazing ways! Click below to learn more!

Join us in art camp to explore and expand your creativity and artistic skills. You can be a beginner or you can be someone who has already developed a passion for art. Click below to learn more about art camp and when you can attend!

Learn and improve your chess game at Hummingbird’s Chess Camp. Our professional chess instructors help develop critical thinking skills while making learning chess fun. Campers benefit from one-on-one chess lessons and play matches in a fun filled environment.


Hummingbird Music Camp

Nestled by the Jemez River in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico, Hummingbird Music Camp gives every child an opportunity to grow as an individual, a team player and as a fine musician under the guidance of a talented and nurturing staff.

This safe and lovingly structured social environment provides a home away from home for children to express themselves and their talents. This is accomplished through hard work, practice, and bonding with new friends.


Removed from city congestion and distractions, children have the opportunity to sleep in a dorm with their new buddies; breathe clean, fresh air in these breathtakingly glorious mountains; sing crazy camp songs; listen to the tall tales told around the campfire; go on overnight hikes; and dance. In addition, there’s game night, skit night, concerts, playing in the river,  and fishing.

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Contact Us

104 Hummingbird Rd., Jemez Springs, NM 87025

(575) 829-3060

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