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How to Apply for Staffer, CIT, Counselor, Head Counselor in Training and Head Counselor:

Accepting applications starting Jan. 1
Acceptance letters come out late February.

Please write a letter including all of the following information and a picture.
Then mail it to:
104 Hummingbird Rd.
Jemez Springs, NM 87025
Attn: Sally Chapman

  • Name, age, grade going into for Fall 2023

  • Position for which you are applying, including which camp-music, art, or chess

  • If applying for music, which instrument you will play at camp and your experience with that instrument

  • If applying for art or chess, include your experience

  • How long you have attended Hummingbird

  • Qualifications for the position and what makes you a good leader for Hummingbird

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